Candy Cotton

The Art of Storytelling


Hi, my name is Kelsey Nichole Brooks and I am an emerging writer currently based in  Tiohti:áke in Kanien'kéha (Montreal, Quebec). I am a passionate storyteller, exploring the craft through words, photography, and art.

Current Projects:

The Human Notebook - The Human Notebook is a photography series/study on telling stories through and with the physical body. The series consists of five volunteers who share their stories on mental health, body positivity, and other social issues. 

Coming July 2022

Tiny Sparks - Tiny Sparks is an independent short film about a mother and her son rediscovering the magic of light. "Sometimes the world can seem like such a dark place." Both are confronted with challenges, but with the help of each other, they are able to pull themselves out of the dark.

Coming Summer 2022